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CoolScience is an exciting (and often explosive) exploration of the tiny particles that make up everything we touch: molecules. When they have energy, they move around – sometimes dramatically! With just liquid nitrogen (the coolest stuff around), balloons, teakettles, a little water, and a carpet, we keep any audience wowed. Let us know what your group looks like, and maybe we’ll light something on fire (sometimes ourselves) or include some very large explosions!

Want a preview of what we do during CoolScience? Check out our show at the YMCA:

MORE evaporating liquid means BIGGER explosions! Check us out on TV:

Learning for fun!

With our youngest groups, we investigate process and object permanence. With more advanced groups, we explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gas and the transfer and use of thermal energy. With science experts, we use the same props to demonstrate sometimes counterintuitive outcomes of thermodynamics.

What does heat “look like?”

Heat is Energy!  Molecules are always moving, but much like kids with too much energy, when things warm up they move faster.  And faster.  And eventually break off and fly away into the air.  Freezing goes the other way; slow molecules down enough and they’ll latch onto each other and stick.  Heat water up, it turns to vapor. Cool water down, and it freezes into ice.

Want to see this up close, but fake? Try this online simulation! Click on the temperature and change it. Heat it up and see everything break apart. Then cool it down to zero and see crystals grow!

This simulation comes from here, where they explore how we un-freeze ice using salt!

The Details

We've done CoolScience inside and outside, on stage and in the basement, at festivals, birthdays, classrooms, and research labs. All we need is a table and an outlet. CoolScience is a five-senses program we recommend for groups under 75, so everyone gets to experience everything. We often include projects... from exploring cotton candy, to instantly freezing ice cream, to creating sweat-ers that keep you cool! There are lots of extensions available, including our trashcan launch, and our FallingUp! program, where we play with pressure, floating, lift, and flight.

Excited to learn more about bringing CoolScience to your event? Great! E-mail us at science@wondergy.com and we'll help you plan!