Drones take flight with STEAM

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Drones take STEM to the next level, literally!  Cutting edge computer technology makes self-flying vehicles possible, and what they can do is simply amazing.  Start with basic physics ideas, add in programming concepts, a bit of math, and create a drone ballet in the air.  This program is more than just a drone show, it’s a STEM/STEAM show! Interactive inquiry-driven science and engineering will excite volunteers, and your whole audience!

Concepts Explored in Drone Science

    • Newton’s laws – Propulsion, equal and opposite reactions, energy?
    • Torque – Spin at the right times, not the wrong ones
    • Fluids – How does air hold stuff up?
    • Automation – Powerful lightweight computers make drones possible
    • Feedback – Drones rely on fast sensors to react quickly
    • Programming – Instruct drones do simple, and amazing things, all automatically
    • Math – Program drones using coordinates and formulas

The Details

Drone Science is currently on tour and accepting new bookings for the 2019-20 school year with the Bureau of Lectures and Performing Artists. Please contact them for availability and pricing at assemblyline.com.  For Summer 2020, please contact us directly.

Drones is great for audiences of 30-500, and can be presented in most spaces which can comfortably accommodate your group size. We only require electricity, a table, and lots of student curiosity!


Next Generation Science Standards

All of our school assemblies align to the Next Generation Science Standards.  Robotics primarily explores electricity, sensing, programming, and much more.