Better than Magic

Clowns and magicians are all about unexplainable magic. We have no tricks or magic at Wondergy: we’re all science. And we’re constantly told how much cooler science is than magic because it’s real. So if you think that a science party couldn’t be fun, we’ll convince you otherwise.

Perfect For Everyone

We can handle young kids, but what separates is from other entertainers is that we can also work with older and harder-to-control kids. And we feel obligated to warn you: usually the adults at the birthday get drawn in to our shows, too.

happy-kidsA Variety of Shows

We have a number of shows that make for great birthdays, and we’re always thinking up more. They work great by themselves, but they can also build on one another if you’ve had a Wondergy party before. Check out our list of shows for more.

Interested in a birthday? Email us at with the details of your party.