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What’s In It

LaserScience isn’t just any light show: first, we figure out how to put it together. We begin each show with a single light. It’s what we do with the beam that makes the show amazing. Figuring out how we perceive that light, we create a full-blown laser spectacle to the tune of popular music, with dancing, 3-D shapes floating overhead. We build it as big as you need it! We’ll engineer a large scale light show, bring our signature painting with light photo booth, or animate your logo or key community members with the laser.

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LaserScience is all about optics and vision. The physics of optics help us add layers of excitement to the show. But that’s half the story. We also explore how one beam creates entire images, using the science of our eyes. As we play with visual perception, we even delve into motion in movies, cartoons, and laser shows.

  • Persistence of vision
  • Perception of motion
  • Light Rays and Momentum
  • How Lasers make Light
  • How Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) work together

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Try it!

Paint with LightOur eyes hold onto bright images for a moment, and then quickly erase them. Move a bright light around, and it leaves a bright trail in our vision. The faster we move, the longer a line we can draw before it gets erased. What if we could hold onto that brightness forever? We could draw a line that never faded! If you have a webcam, you can try it yourself!

Paint with Light!

The Details

The LaserScience show needs a tall, dark space. Pitch black works best, so any windows in your space must be covered. LaserScience makes a great school assembly, and we also have a special holiday show. Like our other shows, the content can be adjusted for an audience of any level, from elementary science to university physics.

To discuss your own LaserScience event, send us an email at!