The Fun is in Learning

Some science assemblies downplay learning to just focus on flashy tricks. And this is what separates Wondergy apart. At Wondergy, we know that students have the most fun when they really understand how those neat things work. And this is why each of our shows is built to bring students to a deep level of understanding of the show’s core ideas.

Always Interactive

We don’t believe that shows should be lectures. In fact, we believe the best shows are the ones that are driven by the audience. From asking the audience questions to getting help from volunteers, we keep an engaged audience by keeping an involved audience. This not only keeps the show exciting, but helps with learning, too.

And It’s Made Just For You

We have no scripts here at Wondergy. In fact, every show is built from the ground up for each and every school. Typically, we like to make a visit to your school before the show to introduce ourselves and to get to know your community. We believe that forming a relationship with your school helps us make our shows the best that they can be.

Good for All Students

We take your students’ current level of understanding into account when we make your show. From pre-school to college, our shows can challenge . So have no worries about the material being too easy or too difficult for your students: we’ll make it just right.

Want some ideas on shows we could bring to your school? Take a look at our List of Shows!

If you want to bring a show to your school, email us at and we can discuss our availability and pricing.