National Tour MapWondergy will again present two nationwide school assembly tours in 2013/14: Skateboard Science and LaserShow Science. Together, these tours are expected to present over 600 shows at schools across the country this academic year, engaging over 200,000 students. Wondergy’s tours expect to generate over 8 million impressions this year with a socially conscious, exciting message tied to skateboarding, laser shows, and science education. Wondergy’s tours are conducted using Toyota Prius and Prius V hybrid vehicles, leading by example and saving thousands of gallons of fossil fuels.

Prius V

Tour sponsors will receive rich advertisement of their brand in laser shows, on skateboard ramps, on a hybrid vehicle that travels an average of 700 miles per week, parking at hundreds of schools and population centers across the USA. You will also associate with a brand that cares about education, science, and fun. Additionally, sponsors will further Wondergy’s mission of science education, investing in our nation’s future workforce.

Wondergy’s scientists are tech-enabled, youthful and mobile; they are ready to blog, Tweet, and Facebook their journey across the country. We will visit hometown diners, local attractions, and hundreds of schools, loading and unloading folding skate ramps, skateboards, lasers, and sound gear, capturing photos and video all along the way.

Want in? Send us an e-mail at and let’s figure out the details together.