Light up your summer with STEAM*! A Wondergy science show brings memorable moments to your readers in the form of high-energy, entertaining shows and special events.  All of our programs are interactive and engaging – while still focusing on education. Our 45-90 minute programs are great for children and teen groups of 20-500, and sometimes 5000!

To celebrate the 2020 Summer Reading Theme, “Fairytales, Mythology, and Fantasy”, this summer we’re highlighting our LaserScience show, which we’ve updated with larger-than-life animations of classic characters from myth and legend.

We are available for shows throughout the year, and can customize or build programs to support your community.  Call or email us to check availability and book your show today!

*STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Show Quick Links: LaserScience | CoolScience | RobotScience | DroneScience


LaserScience starts with a single point of light, and quickly develops into a fully animated professional laser show. Your readers will learn why a laser show works and how our eyes make one point of light into the spectacle in front of them. Include your own logo, or slogan as well!

  • Wonderful for audiences of 50-800.
  • Some venues can accommodate more.
  • The LaserScience show needs a tall, dark space. Pitch black works best.
  • Any windows in your space must be covered.
  • Smoke detectors need to be set to test, silent, disregard, or otherwise controlled during the show.
  • Explore the science of light and our eyes and enjoy a professional laser show

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CoolScienceIce Cream Library

See objects freeze in an instant, or heat up liquid nitrogen until it explodes from its container! We’ll make balloons shrink and grow back to their original size, all while exploring the science behind it all. For our finale, let’s bring together fresh cream, milk, sugar, flavorings, and liquid nitrogen to make the freshest ice cream you’ve ever had!

  • Great for audiences of fewer than 100
  • Minimal space requirements (Only needs an outlet and table)
  • Explore the science of molecules and heat and, of course, Ice Cream

Want a preview of what we do during CoolScience? Check us out:

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Want to dance with a robot? We’ve got you covered. Get rockin’ this summer with RobotScience. From balancing robots to super-cute humanoids, explore the basics of robotics.  If you have the space for it, some can even fly!  This interactive program explores the basic concepts of sensing, moving, feedback loops, and programming. Discover how we, and machines, interact with the world!

  • Great for up to 150 children and/or teens.
  • Requires only a table, an outlet, and curious minds!
  • To add more hands-on experience, let’s make Squishy Sensor Circuits–best for groups of up to 30 volunteers.

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Take your summer science experience to the next level! Cutting-edge computer technology makes self-flying vehicles possible, and what they can do is simply amazing. We’ll learn about the science behind these incredible machines as we explore all the exciting things they can do, from aerial acrobatics to flying light shows that dance to your favourite tunes. It’s an interactive, inquiry-driven STEAM show that will excite your whole audience!

  • Great for up to 250 children and/or teens.
  • Requires a tall open space.

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Nitrogen Drop

What’s In It

Coolscience is an exciting (and often explosive) exploration of the tiny particles that make up everything we touch: molecules. When they have energy, they move around – sometimes dramatically! With just Liquid Nitrogen (at -320F, it’ll be the coolest stuff at your library), water balloons, and a carpet, we’ll keep any audience wowed. Let us know what your group looks like, and maybe we’ll light something on fire (sometimes ourselves) or include some very large explosions!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Ice Cream LibraryFor an optional grand finale, help us bring together fresh cream, milk, flavorings of your choice, and of course, liquid nitrogen to make the freshest homemade ice cream you’ve ever tasted.  Each batch of ice cream is made collectively by your patrons, and can serve approximately 50 per batch.

Want a preview of what we do during CoolScience? Check us out on TV:

What You Learn

With our youngest groups, we investigate process and object permanence. With more advanced groups, we explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gas and the transfer and use of thermal energy. With science experts, we use the same props to demonstrate sometimes counterintuitive outcomes of thermodynamics.

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The Details

We’ll adapt to your space and your patrons; all we need is a table and an outlet.  If we can head outside for the grand finale, we might even launch a trash can high into the air with a great big BOOM! (See video)

Pricing: $590 first show of the visit, $295 additional shows on the same visit. Full day and week rates are available.  Excited to learn more about bringing Fizz, Boom, Read to your Library this summer? E-mail us at

For Teens: Spark a Reaction!


For your Teen Summer Reading Theme,  we’re offering laser shows with real sparks! If your space can get dark enough for LaserScience, we will capture your patrons’ imaginations with a professionally animated laser show while explaining its workings in the process. We’ll bring the rock music, lasers, sparks, and fog to present an hands-on show you’ll never forget. LaserScience explores persistence of vision, how lasers work, and inertia (even light has it). We’ll get everyone making their own light shows (and real light sabres out of light!) in the air, the same way the laser does it. More information is available at:

Pricing: $890 first show of the visit, $445 additional shows on the same visit. Full day and week rates are available.Green Over Shoulder