We won’t set ourselves on fire in your mall, unless you request it!


Play with science at your mall’s event!



Our audiences can’t be limited to one floor!

Draw customers to your mall with science!  From explosive molecules to setting music on fire, we have amazing programs that will entertain and educate everyone!  We send skateboards soaring through the air, experiment with heat and maybe even try to set ourselves on fire- all the while, playing with the science behind it.  Make your mall’s event a memorable one with Wondergy!

Our performances are easily adapted for all ages and ability levels, as every show is dynamic and tailored to your customers.  Some of our shows have specific space requirements, but please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!




Finally, the taste test!

After a full day of shopping, give your customer’s and their kids a chance to chill out as Wondergy presents CoolScience.  See objects freeze in an instant, or heat up liquid nitrogen until it explodes from it’s container! We’ll even make balloons shrink and grow back to their original size, all while exploring the science behind it all. For our finale we’ll bring together fresh cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings to make the freshest ice cream you’ve ever had!

  • Great for audiences of less than 100
  • Minimal space requirements (Only needs an outlet and table)
  • Explore the science of molecules, heat and, of course, Ice Cream

Want a preview of what we do during CoolScience? Here we are playing with liquid nitrogen!

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SkateScience explores physics through the amazing tricks of Skateboarding. Your customers will explore how a skateboard can move in unexpected ways using physics, and motion. See our performers lie on a bed of nails, and for our finale, have our staff or a mascot jumped over while everyone cheers on!

  • Fantastic for audiences of 100-400.
  • The SkateScience show requires a large, flat area.
  • See amazing skateboarding tricks, and learn about the physics that make the tricks work!

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Two girls with speakers
SoundScience is an exploration of what sound is, and how sound makes music. Customers will learn about how even the most everyday things can be turned into the best instruments. Every show is different, and the music is made by the audience. We’ll even make the sound visible with an amazing laser projection!

  • Excellent for audiences of 25-200
  • Easy set up, only tables and outlets needed
  • Customers make their own music while learning about the physics of sound

Don’t just take our word for it: hear (and see) it for yourself!

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