For our 14th Anniversary, we’re excited to offer super special packages!  Each of our amazing scientists bring expansive knowledge and experience that we want to share with your kids in a more interactive setting. Usually, add-on workshops immediately follow the show. All package workshops must begin in the same location within one hour of your show.

We strive to keep our programs accessible and sustainable; we are supported exclusively by our clients. Each show requires different materials, different vehicles, and different staff to get the job done right, so their costs vary. Travel also varies, and can be found below.

Pricing Quick Links: CoolScience | LaserScience | RobotScience | SkateScience | SoundScience

20040729a_whatergy_0239CoolScience Package

CoolScience Show
+ Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Workshop

The coolest show around, CoolScience explores how we stay cool in the summer heat, and warm up in the winter chill.  Play with liquid Nitrogen, water balloons, fire, and SCIENCE!

  • Audience size: fewer than 100
  • Space needs: one 6-8′ table and electricity
  • Setup time: 20-30 minutes
  • Show time: 45-75 minutes

Workshop: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for up to 100101_0035
Help us bring together milk, cream,  sugar, and liquid Nitrogen to make the freshest, smoothest ice cream you’ve ever tasted!  30 minute separate session(s), or adds 20 minutes to a show; we can fit the whole package into as little as an hour if scheduling is tight. Additional ice cream over 100 is $2 per person.

Summer special: $100 off package price
Valid for shows from June 20 – Sept. 2

LaserScience Package

LaserScience Show
+ Paint with Light Photobooth Workshop

LaserScience is not just a laser show; it is an interactive exploration of vision and light, using audience volunteers and questions.  Like all of our shows, nothing is scripted.

  • Audience size: 100-800
  • Setup time: 30-45 minutes
  • Show time: 45-60 minutes
  • Needs: one 6-8′ table and a power outlet
  • Space Needs: Tall (>15 feet), dark (ideally dark enough that you couldn’t see other objects easily) – Auditoriums, Barns, Gymnasiums work great
  • Please silence any smoke detectors (heat detectors are fine).  We can’t see beams in the air without adding mist, which can set off smoke detectors that can’t tell the difference.

Workshop: Paint with Light!381080_10150615273868146_478346373_n
Dance and draw with light! Our cameras will capture your kinetic art, and send you the photos! Get hands-on with persistence of vision, the science that drives laser shows. The first hour is included in this package, which can accommodate a participant each minute.  Additional hours are $100/hour. All images will be posted to a public facebook or password-protected gallery for sharing with your parents.  Participants’ faces do not need to be part of the images.

Summer special: $100 off package price
Valid for shows from June 20 – Sept. 2

Optional – Custom Shows:
Want a customized show for your Olympics / Color War breakout or special event?  We can design custom-animated laser projections as part of the show or to project in or on the outside of your event spaces.  Call us for more information.  Check out an example from last summer:

RobotScience Package

RobotScience Show
+ Squishy Sensors Workshop

This interactive program explores the basic concepts of sensing, moving, and programming. Discover how we, and machines, interact with the world during play and exercise.

  • Audience size: fewer than 100
  • Setup time: 30-45 minutes.
  • Show time: 45-60 minutes
  • Needs: one 6-8′ table and a power outlet

Workshop: Squishy Sensors for 30squishycircuits-1180x550
Make your own sensors from scratch, literally!  Use dough instead of wires to light lights and sense connections.
Adds 20-30 min.  Additional sessions for 30 are $100 each.

Summer special: $100 off package price
Valid for shows from June 20 – Sept. 2

DSC01885SkateScience Package

SkateScience Show
+ Skateboarding Workshop

SkateScience explores physics through the amazing tricks of Skateboarding.  See our performers lie on a bed of nails, and have a well known staff member or mascot jumped over!

  • Audience size: 100-1000
  • Setup time: 45-60 minutes
  • Show time: 45-75 minutes
  • Needs: one 6-8′ table and a power outlet
  • Requires a large, flat area with a reasonably smooth, hard surface. (e.g. parking lot or school gym)

Workshop: Introduction to Skateboarding Workshop or Private Lesson
Have our skateboarders visit smaller groups for skateboarding workshops.  Ask all your questions and learn the basics with the pros.  Already have a skateboard program?  Turn your workshop into an advanced skate skills lesson.  Learn to balance, skate, or maybe even learn to Ollie!  Package includes one 1-hour workshop or two 30-minute workshops.  Additional workshops are $100 per hour.

Summer special: $100 off package price
Valid for shows from June 20 – Sept. 2

vlcsnap-2014-08-25-13h27m20s238SoundScience Package

SoundScience Show
+ DIY Speakers Workshop

SoundScience is an exploration of what sound is, and how sound makes music.  Play with changes in pitch, see sound with our laser projection, and even set music on fire!

  • Audience size: up to 300
  • Setup time: 30-45 minutes
  • Show time: 45-60 minutes
  • Needs: one 6-8′ table and a power outlet

Workshop: Make your own speakers for 30excited-camper-sound 241x170
Make your own working speaker/headphone, from scratch! We’re serious. We’ll provide everything for each participant to make a small working speaker to take home and amaze friends and family. Adds 30-40 min.  Additional sessions for 30 are $100 each. Ages 7 and up. Best with 2-4 adult/teen helpers.

Summer special: $100 off package price
Valid for shows from June 20 – Sept. 2

Don’t have the time or budget to schedule a full package?  No problem!

We’ll take $200 off the package rate, or $100 of the Summer Special rate, and wow your audiences with our hands-on, educational, and FUN science shows!  For us, it all started with our shows, and they’ve amazed participants for over a decade.  We added the workshop packages later to extend learning experiences and allow for more individual attention.

Schedule multiple shows, and save!

If we don’t have to pack up, load up, unload, and set up, that saves us a lot.  We’re happy to share that savings with you.  Book multiple consecutive shows in the same location for very substantial discounts.

We go anywhere!

Wondergy travels all over the country, and sometimes around the world.  We visit over 1000 schools and summer programs each year, in over 35 US states. We’d love to visit you!

Travel prices by county

For shows in June 2016 onward, our travel costs are computed by county. Just move your mouse pointer over to your county, and you should see the rates for that particular county. Scroll to zoom in, drag to move around, and click your county to zoom up close.

Bring Wondergy with Less Travel (without a transporter)

Reducing the cost of travel is easy – combine forces! If we can present programs at 2 or more locations without having to return to Philadelphia, the travel cost can be divided between all of the locations that book together. Synchronize with your fellow librarians, camp directors, principals, or presidents. Then call us and let us know the dates that work for everyone in your group.  Please be sure to reference the other members of your group to be included in travel discounts.

There is a 3.5% additional charge if you are using a credit card.