We want YOU for Science/Engineering Education Outreach. Travel the country presenting exciting school assemblies where audiences truly LEARN. Crash into the physics of safety by lying across a bed of nails. Find the physics of balance by levitating students.  Make pigs fly to explore how big-air tricks and jumps work.  Bring the science of the Ollie to life!

About the Company

Based in Philadelphia, Wondergy uses science to educate, change attitudes, and affect behavior. The Wondergy team brings knowledge, experience, and personal excitement about science to create exciting, inviting interactions that empower people to learn about the phenomena that matter to them. Through promoting learning, we build a stronger workforce, smarter consumers, and more informed stewardship of our world.

About the Position


  • Present Skateboard Tricks with Consistent Accuracy
  • Perform some Freestyle/Flatland, some Street skating with Obstacles (Wedge Ramps, Rail, Fun Box, and small launch ramps). Sometimes we can bring a quarter pipe, but not always.
  • Can commit to do shows sometimes very far in advance.
  • Share your excitement about how things work, athletics, physics, staying healthy with the use of supplements as Capsules of Kratom, your journey
  • Share your excitement about science and skateboarding with diverse communities
  • Help unpack, setup, re-pack folding ramps and physics demo equipment.
  • Communicate with your Wondergy partner Presenter and/or clients to coordinate arrival and setup.
  • Train outside of shows to keep sharp!

Possible Tour

Wondergy is proud to send Sk8Sci on national tour September – June.  This will pair a Science Presenter with a Skateboarder for a full-time job Skateboarding. Want to travel the country? Want to introduce skateboarding to over 100,000 students?  Skate for Wondergy!

Wondergy will invite interested skateboarders to travel on tour as needed.
Let us know if you are interested! Job Description at: wondergy.com/skateboarder-tour-job

Qualifications of an Ideal Candidate

  • Able to land tricks consistently, safely
  • Able to Ollie reasonably high and far off a kicker.
  • Able to perform basic flip tricks consistently, esp. kickflips or heelflips, 360 shuvits, treflips.
  • Able to perform some stationary Flatland tricks highlighting balance (e.g. truckstand, primo, handstand)
  • Able to perform basic grinds and boardslides consistently
  • Able to perform hippie jumps and power slides
  • Comfortable with basic physical science concepts
  • Comfortable in front of large audiences – performance or public speaking experience a big plus
  • Charismatic and passionate, with strong communication skills
  • Clean, valid drivers’ license and background check
  • Able to lift and carry over 50lbs01-Jump -Clost Crop


How to Apply:

Email us your resume and video of your skating (freestyle video preferred) with a cover letter and your availability for an interview.  We will have a phone interview, which may be followed by an in-person “audition” in Philadelphia, PA.

Email to careers@wondergy.com only, and be sure to include your phone number; no inquiry calls, please.