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Wondergy’s Founder and president, Ken Fink, doesn’t simply speak.  He uses the excitement of science to deliver your message.  Between blowing stuff up and setting himself on fire, audiences will laugh and learn together.  If practical, your keynote may even become hands-on, with manipulative that get your group playing and exploring their thinking, together.

Make it about you

Why is your meeting important?  What is it all about?  How is it awesome? Every Keynote is developed and customized to support your message goals.  We  will work with you to understand your priorities, and focus our development around the priorities that come from your leadership.

Example – A Combined Conference

Ken was invited to “wake everyone up” at a conference whose goal was to bring together the directors of early childhood centers and the professors who are training the next generation of teachers. The result was focusing on the analogy of bringing two different communities together, to bring stability to their interaction.  Sounds like H2O – water.

Example – HumanLight Banquet

The Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia called one day to ask “What would you do for our annual dinner, which we call ‘HumanLight.” T he answer was simple – light the human! (They have invited us for every subsequent HumanLight in Eastern PA since that first event.  Subsequent topics were equally pun-focused.)

Example – Phi Theta Kappa Biennial convention

Every two years, The Phi Theta Kappa honor society hosts a conference highlighting the current thesis topic. The current topic was “The Paradox of Affluence”  The conference Keynote was essentially a philosophy talk wrapped into a motivational speech which looked like a science show.  After the keynote, the president invited questions from the audience.  The first question asked was “can you visit our college?”