We want YOU for Science/Engineering Education Outreach.
Travel the country presenting exciting school assemblies where audiences truly LEARN.

Wondergy is seeking charismatic scientists who want to travel the country presenting school assemblies. You’ll present an unscripted interactive show, engaging with students’ questions and ideas, and making it fun, educational, and exciting. You will visit over 80k students in over 30 states, and make a huge impact on the world. This is a full time job on the road, requiring a lot of driving.  We provide all of the equipment for travel and science demonstrations, plus training and general support.

Green Over ShoulderAbout Us

Based in west Philadelphia since 2003, Wondergy uses science to educate, change attitudes, and affect behavior. The Wondergy team brings knowledge, experience, and personal excitement about science to create exciting, inviting interactions that empower people to learn about the phenomena that matter to them. Through promoting learning, we build a stronger workforce, smarter consumers, and more informed stewardship of our world.


  • Present 7-11 45-minute assembly programs each week for 100-500 students per show
  • Guide inquiry-driven science exploration; encourage questioning and discovery
  • Share your excitement about science and engineering with diverse communities
  • Pack, setup, re-pack science demo and sound equipment
  • Communicate with schools to coordinate arrival and setup
  • Drive from school to school – this tour will involve very substantial solo or duo driving around the country
  • National Tour begins mid-September and ends May or June
    • Occasional training and occasional shows starting in the spring – scheduled by your availability and ours
    • Full time travelling tour, Robotics and Energy spend Fall in the eastern US, Spring in the west, with substantial time on the west coast
    • Breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s, and a few long weekends
    • Some flexibility in tour schedule and breaks are possible, with advance notice
  • Email lesson plans and science information, in advance, to each school you visit
  • No sales duties.  You’ll be sent a schedule each week.
  • Possible local and/or international travel when not on tour

Qualifications of an Ideal Candidate

  • Science or Engineering background strongly preferred
  • Some computer programming experience preferred, especially for the robotics tour
  • Comfortable with electronics, computers, and technology
  • Charismatic and passionate, with strong communication skills.
  • Creative and able to improvise; you should welcome audience questions, ideas, and jokes!
  • Comfortable in front of large audiences – performance, teaching, or public speaking experience preferred
  • Able to articulate complex concepts in a simple yet accurate manner
  • Comfortable with basic physical science concepts relating to electricity, circuits, and magnetism
  • Clean, valid drivers’ license and background check
  • Able to lift and carry over 50lbs

The Shows

For academic year 2017-18, Wondergy will be sending three interactive shows on tour across the country. These will be our 12th-14th national tours, and our 6th year of touring.

  • Robotics (solo, one position open)
    • Explore what makes a robot a robot (our answer: sensing and self-correction.)  How do robots sense?  How do they move?  Take audiences on an interactive journey from simple funny robots to complex (and super cute) humanoid robots.  Explore the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts that bring robotics to life!
  • Extreme Energy (two presenters, two positions open, couples welcome)
    • Light up thousands of students with an exciting science show!  From potential energy to (controlled) explosions, from thermal cameras to people-power, explore where energy comes from, and where it ends up!  How do we generate the energy we use everyday, and how do the choices we make affect our environment?
  • Sk8Sci – The Physics of Skateboarding – (presenter position filled, skateboarder position open)
    • Crash into the physics of safety by lying across a bed of nails. Find the physics of balance by levitating students.  Make pigs fly to explore how big-air tricks and jumps work.  Bring the science of the Ollie to life!

Want a preview of the job?  Here is a video from one of the previous skateboarding tours:

How to Apply
Email us your resume and cover letter, and a short video telling us why you’d be awesome for this (youtube/vimeo links are fine).  We will have a phone interview, which may be followed by an in-person “audition”.

Email to careers@wondergy.com only, and be sure to include your phone number; no inquiry calls, please.


Your tour would look something like the purple dots. This is last year's tour map.

Your tour would look something like the purple dots. This is last year’s tour map.