VGXPO drew gamers of all ages to play, socialize, and show off. But the hosts of the event wanted to give something more than what they get at home: the opportunity to learn something they could take away. They needed a partner like Wondergy…

The Challenge: We were asked to draw the attention of the 15-24 year old gamers to a booth where they could have an enriching educational experience. The challenge came in coming up with a booth that would entertain a crowd in an environment where scientific inquiry might be stifled while still providing a robust learning experience.

The Solution: Our booth needed to involve video games in some way, and draw as many people as possible. We suggested that a huge, 25-foot laser projection of the classic game “Asteroids” would make a perfect centerpiece to draw attention. We worked closely with the event hosts to ensure that our installation would adhere to safety regulations and pose no technical problems. Then, we wanted to explain the science of lasers and videogames. At our 20-ft booth, we set up several intimate interactives to explore that science.

We attracted constant crowds even beyond the target age range. Young kids, teens, and adults all wanted to try playing the giant projection. At our booth, multiple, simultaneous activities allowed many guests to remain interested and involved. Good-natured competition and the range of activities generated many repeat customers.